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How does the 30 day demo work?

What is the process after they've signed up? (set expectations)

Short explanation of what will be part of the trial period, and maybe also what won't be part of the trial. (avoid confusion)

Will the trial person have full access to JetAdvice Manager?

What can they expect from support?

Will there be any light training before and during the trial period?

Is there maybe an online introduction course over TeamViewer or are we referring to our videos to get started?

What happens at the end of your demo?

Will the trial company keep all their data?

Do they continue on the same account if they sign a contract or do they need a new one?

How long do we keep the account before it expires? (how long do they have after trial to decide if they want to continue?)

Does each person of my team or my clients have to sign up on the website?
More questions?

You can contact our support team at support@euroform.com. They are always ready to help.