MPS dealers

MPS dealers

A global network of dealers, resellers and wholesalers rely on daily basis on JetAdvice Manager as the foundation of their national or international Managed Print Services programs. With over 10 million devices under contract JetAdvice Manager is the market leading solution for Managed Print Services.


Since 2002 JetAdvice Manager has been the leading platform and offers a complete usage-based service model in a simple and affordable package for small to large print services providers. Whether you are a dealer in office equipment, a managed services provider or just entering the market for print services, our solutions ensure that your customers receive the best Managed Print Services program available in the market.


Why our partners choose JetAdvice Manager

  • No upfront investment or high volume commitments
  • Usage-based billing that provides a fairness and transparency in costs
  • Direct access to support, development and business support
  • Ability to customize to your corporate brand with our private label program
  • Predictability on contractual profitability (toner history, coverage percentage etc.)
  • Highest device discovery and device information rates compared to competitive solutions
  • Ability to provide quick and efficient services to meet your changing business needs
  • Single alert triggers for supplies and spares preventing double or multiple orders
  • Broadest data set in the market – over 450 pieces of information per device available
  • Unlimited platform scalability, high availability and best of class security
  • Data Collector installation within 2-3 minutes
  • Increased customer satisfaction and quality of services provided
  • 100% vendor neutral
  • Full integration with your back end solutions

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Integration Partner Program White Paper

JetAdvice offers several ways to integrate data with back end systems.
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Read more if you are interested in becoming a EuroForm Partner.
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Private Label White Paper

Get the world’s best MPS software tool, wrapped in your own Private Label.
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