Flexible maintenance alerts and error messaging

Multiple filter capabilities adapt to your environment..

  • Extend the life of your devices
  • Reduce critical maintenance calls
  • Route calls efficiently
  • Schedule proactive maintenance
  • Control replacement costs
  • Log all error messages; eliminate lost history

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  • Obtain full information control

  • Get maximum efficiency 

  • Consistent and reliable exporting

  • No manual entry requirements

  • Accurate and comprehensive

  • Overviews ready in minutes

  • Completely vendor-independent

  • Cost-effective

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You knew it - another paper jam!
Should you call a technician or ask your colleagues?

Many suppliers offer maintenance of the printers in the contract - but is that the reality, and why not?
Often it is because the printer's error message did not get to the right person.

Shall the employees spend a lot of time on device maintenance?
- or will you have JetAdvice help? - by keeping a watchful eye on the different error alerts.

A standard printer only logs a few errors.
JetAdvice logs all errors alerts, so you always got the history.
You can set up rules that helps you perform proactive maintenance - meaning you can schedule maintenance before damage is done.

JetAdvice allows the printer to function longer and saves money and time!

"JetAdvice is the best Fleet Management and Assessment solution we have ever seen. Enormous amount of customizable reports and alerts will give you peace of mind when managing a fleet of devices in the field. Together with EuroForm we are moving to the next level of the Managed Printing Solution business."
Asen Georgiev
Corporate Printing Solutions, CNsys PLC

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Reduce CO2 emissions and manage power costs.


Extend the life of your devices using maintenance alerts.

Meter Reading

Complete, vendor-independent, data collection on devices, consumables and more.

Print Analysis

You can assess and analyze all monitored devices and make your own analysis.


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