Meter Reading

Meter Reading

Complete vendor-independent print counters

Get real counter data - not estimates!

Do you have pay-per-use agreements with old-fashioned counting cards and a manual reporting process for print counters?
How often do you have to enter meter readings?

JetAdvice Manager can handle your pay-per-use billing processes easily.
Reduce manual entry errors of print counters/meter readings - for improved accuracy, time savings and lower overhead costs.

  • Monitor multiple times daily - automatically
  • Monitor networked and non-networked devices
  • Use your company's real data - not estimates
  • Search and filter your data

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We even have methods to show non-standard or advanced counters - allowing you to get more infrom certain vendors.

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Avoid double supply orders and

inaccurate supply alerts.


Schedule proactive maintenance and

control replacement costs.

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Get the information you need!

Printer counters can provide very useful information - particularly if you work with pay-per-use agreements.

This data can also show you whether the company's workload is properly distributed across print and copy devices.

Small printers may be printing too many pages - while large devices are printing too few.


Automatic Meter Reading

Each device reports a variety of information to JetAdvice Manager - including different meter readings.
This information is reported automatically several times daily to the server, ensuring that all the data is current and up-to-date.

JetAdvice Manager provides a comprehensive overview that all parties can benefit from.
The automatic monitoring reduces the risk of manual errors as well as saving time.

The precise and continuous collection of information makes it easy to create the required consumable budgets.
Use JetAdvice Manager to make agreements with your suppliers.

The counter function registers all the pages that are printed on the entire network.
The list of printer and copy vendors in the market is long - JetAdvice Manager recognizes nearly all of them and we are continuing expanding with new devices.

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Reduce CO2 emissions and manage power costs.


Extend the life of your devices using maintenance alerts.

Meter Reading

Complete, vendor-independent, data collection on devices, consumables and more.

Print Analysis

You can assess and analyze all monitored devices and make your own analysis.


Learn more about full customizable data export and get max. efficiency.


Learn more about automated supplies ordering, based on real and projected use.