Print Analysis

Print Analysis

Audit, assess, and analyze all monitored devices

Do you know how many printers you have, where they are located or who uses them?
Do you know how much – or little – they are used?

Whether networked and non-networked devices - Get the information you need automatically!
You will have an overview in minutes.

  • Get the information you need automatically!
  • Completely vendor-independent  database
  • Make your printer assessment easily
  • Cost-effective - efficient - easy to use
  • Eliminate manual inventories, reduce errors
  • Scheduled on-demand analysis

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JetAdvice is the Print Management tool you have been looking for!

All models from all vendors are supported!


Manage costs - for power consumption and more


Extend the lifes of of your devices

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Many companies make surveys and statistics in spreadsheets. This is very time consuming!
Usually they are obsoleted before they are even completed. Meaning you will work with inaccurate information

By installing JetAdvice Manager the entire process becomes automated.

It's quick to get started with the analysis of the company's print and copy usage.
Installation is simple and takes less than 15 minutes to be up and running and getting the first look.

JetAdvice is completely vendor independent, which gives you great opportunities.
We have collected over 450 basic informations on each device.
We have more than 25.000 devices in our database - both printers and copiers from all vendors.

JetAdvice Manager gives you the broadest picture of device consumption in the industry!

Basic information example:

  • Installation date
  • Device physical size
  • Device weight
  • Power consumption
  • Print language (PCL, PostScript, PDF, more)

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"JetAdvice Manager takes care of the on time delivery of the right information and always provides us with the level of detail needed. Furthermore the simplicity and the stability of the Data Collector is an enormous plus. Within a few minutes a new Vitasys customer is up and running and ready to be managed."
Tim van Dam
Operations Director, Vitasys


Reduce CO2 emissions and manage power costs.


Extend the life of your devices using maintenance alerts.

Meter Reading

Complete, vendor-independent, data collection on devices, consumables and more.

Print Analysis

You can assess and analyze all monitored devices and make your own analysis.


Learn more about full customizable data export and get max. efficiency.


Learn more about automated supplies ordering, based on real and projected use.