Release Information

03-20-2017 WEEKLY RELEASE NOTES: - General release
- Data Receiver released - General release
- Updated Media names


Api2 released
- Performance optimization for Users endpoint


JetAdvice Free - Mobile release
- Android updates:
-- Google Maps -

iOS Updates:
-- Google Maps
-- Added 'Switch account' ability for dealer users

02-20-2017 WEEKLY RELEASE NOTES: - General release

  • Improved Dealer report "Data source" selection
  • Legacy reports updated
  • Dashboard time-out addressed - Transfer service release

  • Remove categories for Z-model Designjet printer series

JetAdvice Connect - General release

  • Updated Order status "Order is placed"
02-13-2017 TECH NEWS: HP X Enterprise & Pagewide update

Update HP UPD driver to ensure expected reporting of pages.

Technical Newsletter: HP X Enterprise & Pagewide update

02-13-2017 WEEKLY RELEASE NOTES: - General release
- Install Date for Lexmark devices updated
- Report(Dealer): DataSource excludes innactive accounts within selected billing period - Transfer service release

12-07-2016 TECH NEWS: Data Collector Error Message

DataCollector troubleshooting tip.

Technical Newsletter: Data Collector Error Message

11-02-2016 TECH NEWS: Dimplex counters & Maintenance update

Dimplex Counters added for HP devices and maintenance communication functionality added in JetAdvice Manager.

Technical Newsletter: Dimplex counters & Maintenance update

10-05-2016 TECH NEWS: Continual JetAdvice improvements: Indexing

Communication for update regarding improvements to JetAdvice Manager.

Technical Newsletter: Continual JetAdvice improvements: Indexing

09-20-2016 TECH NEWS: Monday´s maintenance

Announcement for scheduled maintenance to JetAdvice Manager.

Technical Newsletter: Monday´s maintenance

08-17-2016 TECH NEWS: Contacts

Adding Contact information to devices provides a higher level of detail for those involved in meeting device needs.

Technical Newsletter: Contacts

07-21-2016 TECH NEWS: Alternative Identifiers

Alternative identifiers added to JetAdvice Manager providing customizable fields for device identification.

Technical Newsletter: Alternative Identifiers

06-29-2016 TECH NEWS: Easy navigation & Video update

Learn how to navigate and switch customers easily in JetAdvice Manager and also get updated on JetAdvice videos on your YouTube channel.

Technical Newsletter: Easy navigation & Video update

06-08-2016 TECH NEWS: Dealer Logo & Estimated Counters

Learn how to upload your Dealer logo to JetAdvice Manager and discover new counters used for billing.

Technical Newsletter: Dealer Logo & Estimated Counters

05-18-2016 TECH NEWS: Futuresmart - Update your firmware

Follow up to FutureSmart counters release, explaining how to see and use new counters.

Technical Newsletter: Futuresmart - Update your firmware

04-18-2016 TECH NEWS: HP Counters in JetAdvice Manager

Announcement of new counter usage for HP FutureSmart devices and what to expect.

Technical Newsletter: HP Counters in JetAdvice Manager

02-25-2016 JETADVICE MANAGER 3.0 UPDATE: Second week

At the end of the second week after release, we still receive plenty of positive and constructive feedback. We’re very pleased that you’ve noticed our efforts to address the hiccups that were discovered last week.

We do everything we can to offer the best solution on the market, and in order to do that we’re deeply dependent on the feedback we get from our customers. Please continue to send emails to if you experience anything unusual in JetAdvice.

Of course, we’d also like to hear from you if you’ve had a positive experience.

02-19-2016 JETADVICE MANAGER 3.0 UPDATE: First week

JetAdvice Manager 3.0 successfully released this week and got a lot of positive feedback about the new features and capabilities; as well as receiving concerns about technical hiccups experienced. Our management team has been on top of communication and development has been working hard to resolve the concerns as quickly as possible.

Thank you for all of your feedback!

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I had a lot of views created in JetAdvice 2.0, what will happen to them in 3.0?

Views will be created as new Reports without scheduled emails as opposed to when old Reports are migrated into a new Report with an email schedule defined.

If you have a lot of views, you will end up with a lot of new reports.

If you have 2 old Reports that use the same View, you will end up with 3 new reports (2x Report with a scheduled email + 1x Report without a scheduled email).

We have users who have a login which is not an email as a username. Will it still work?

All current user’s logins will still work as they have before. New users created will have their email address as their username.

Can we upgrade the client in version 2.0 to 3.0?

No need to update the DCA's. All updates are done on the portal.

Will all emails also be in local languages or only the UI? - It would be very nice if our customers would get an invite in their native language.

JetAdvice Manager will support 17 different languages.
Email invites will be in the native language you define, when inviting future customers.

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