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API White Paper

Technical overview of data available in the JetAdvice API.
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Contract Management White Paper

Technical description of how to manage your contracts in JetAdvice Manager.
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Electronic Print Analysis

Get your Print Analysis with personal advice. We offer different levels of in depth analysis.
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Reduce CO2 emissions and manage power costs.
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EuroForm Profile

Learn more about EuroForm's Strategy; our Vission, Mission and Values.
Downloaded 6 times.

Hybrid White Paper

Technical overview and details for the JetAdvice Hybrid product. In depth description of data available through SQL.
Downloaded 31 times.

Integration Partner Program White Paper

JetAdvice offers several ways to integrate data with back end systems.
Downloaded 56 times.

JetAdvice Brochure

Get an overview of the features you get in JetAdvice.
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JetAdvice Hybrid

Learn more about how JetAdvice Hybrid can help your business, by granting easy reliable access to data through SQL.
Downloaded 45 times.

JetAdvice Manager

Complete, vendor-independent, data collection that helps you make smart decisions by delivering the right data on time.
Downloaded 260 times.

Language Support White Paper

Technical overview of how you can get JetAdvice Manager in your native language.
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Extend the life of your devices using maintenance alerts.
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Meter Reading

Complete, vendor-independent, data collection on devices, consumables and more.
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MicroSoft Azure White Paper

JetAdvice incorporates the newest technologies from Microsoft Azure. Find here the technical description of MS Azure.
Downloaded 16 times.


Migrate your data into JetAdvice - Simple and reliable!
Downloaded 43 times.

Migration Service White Paper

Technical; how easy you can migrate your fleet data into JetAdvice Manager.
Downloaded 13 times.

Partner program intro

Read more if you are interested in becoming a EuroForm Partner.
Downloaded 24 times.

Print Analysis

You can assess and analyze all monitored devices and make your own analysis.
Downloaded 33 times.

Private Label White Paper

Get the world’s best MPS software tool, wrapped in your own Private Label.
Downloaded 18 times.


Learn more about full customizable data export and get max. efficiency.
Downloaded 27 times.

Security White Paper

Technical description of our extensive security measures and high availability.
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Learn more about automated supplies ordering, based on real and projected use.
Downloaded 54 times.


Get an overview of the different training options for JetAdvice.
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