Advanced printer fleet management made easy


Advanced printer fleet management made easy

Thomas Harboe Hald
GM IT & Marketing, Despec Nordic (Wholesaler)
Wholesalers using JetAdvice Connect: ”In a world where Internet of things and automation is king, we needed a product ahead of the curve. I believe that our cooperation with EuroForm to build PRISUME, based on JetAdvice Connect, will be exactly what our customers want, what their customers want and what will work for all tiers in our market. In addition it’s a great enabler for our OEM-partners to ensure the distribution of original consumables”

Securing your printer supply business is now easier than ever

JetAdvice Connect, a state-of-the-art software solution that completely automates and secures the printer supply business. From start to finish.

Now, wholesalers and the additional members of the supply chain can turn disloyalty and random transactions into predictable and recurring income.

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Meet the JetAdvice Family:

Get to know the full range of our products and services in the brand new JetAdvice family brochure. 

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The future of MPS is remote device management.

Now, JetAdvice and HP Smart Device Services raise the bar with new remote functionalities.

A strategic partnership with HP brings new and exciting possibilities to the table for JetAdvice Manager users.

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Printer fleet management with automated supply ordering - NO DOUBLE ORDERS! - Accurate print counters you can bill on - and an easy tool for print assessments.


Tailor-made for wholesalers and benefits the entire printer supply chain. JetAdvice Connect detects low supply levels 24/7 and automatically places orders at the wholesaler.

Stop wasting money
- on high supply stock at your customers!

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