Advanced printer fleet management made easy

  • 360 degree MPS solution
  • Make informed decisions based on quality data
  • Automatic printer supply fulfillment
  • Improve work processes, service, and support

JetAdvice Manager

360 degree cloud-based MPS solution.
We make advanced printer fleet management easy.

  • Be in total control of your printer fleet
  • Precise meter readings multiple times daily
  • Better decisions with action-oriented data
  • Automate printer supply fulfillment completely

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JetAdvice Connect

Completely automated printer supply fulfillment.
From start to finish.

  • Tailor-made for printer industry wholesalers
  • Secures your supply business
  • Reduces manual tasks and errors
  • Private skin option

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JetAdvice Premium

State-of-the-art report hub.
We bring you on-demand printer fleet data.

  • Optimize printer fleets based on facts
  • Action-oriented data for better decision making
  • Detailed printer fleet data – best in class

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With the visibility that JetAdvice Manager provides, we have improved control of our printer fleet. We've seen increased device uptime, have better positioning of devices onsite, and now use JetAdvice Manager as an assessment tool in a pre-sales analysis.

Aisling O’Farrell - Business Relationship Manager, Datapac

The deployment of JetAdvice Manager at Vitasys did not only optimize our internal company processes, but also provides true added value daily for our customers.

Marcel van den Berg - Business Manager MPS

In a world where the Internet of things and automation is king, we needed a product ahead of the curve. I believe that our cooperation with EuroForm to build PRISUME, based on JetAdvice Connect, will be exactly what our customers want, what their customers want and what will work for all tiers in our market. In addition, it’s a great enabler for our OEM-partners to ensure the distribution of original consumables

Thomas Harboe Hald - GM IT & Marketing, Despec Nordic (Wholesaler)

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