The DTP Group and JetAdvice Manager

JetAdvice is integrated into the very core of DTP Group

  • DTP Group relies on the quality of printer fleet information to deliver lasting value to their MPS customers.

“It’s quite simple actually. JetAdvice Manager just always delivers”

The UK based IT solutions provider, DTP Group, has been onboard the JetAdvice vessel for more than three years. DTP currently uses the solutions JetAdvice Manager and JetAdvice Hybrid.

Howard Hall, Group Managing Director at DTP Group, describes the reasons for choosing JetAdvice Manager as their go-to MPS solution:

“It is quite simple actually. JetAdvice Manager just delivers. Everyday our business totally relies on the quality of the information we receive from the intelligent edge i.e. the fleet of printers and MFD devices we support within our DTP Managed Print Services. The data that JetAdvice produces is accurate, reliable, and action-oriented. And as we move to a predictive maintenance model it is imperative that we work with a partner who just understands and deliver what we need”.

The comprehensive customer data set gathered by JetAdvice is transformed into action-oriented information and insights that can be acted on in real-time to deliver industry leading levels of service. It also creates the informed basis that DTP Group needs in order to give value-creating predictive and proactive advice to customers and make strategic decisions about current and future IT solutions.

“For us customer satisfaction and our internal cost structure go hand in hand with JetAdvice Manager as our printer fleet management system. These are major priorities for us as a Managed Print Services provider that leads through innovation”.

DTP Group

DTP Group is a leading provider of Information Technology solutions and services across the UK and EMEA.

The company believes that delivering measurable and lasting value is the key to building customer relationships that last. This has enabled DTP Group to build an impressive and loyal client list. DTP Group works across all major sectors to offer a wide range of services.

DTP Group is a HP Platinum Partner.

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