Press release: Promising alliance with Pulsar Technologies

JetAdvice and Pulsar Technologies agree on promising strategic cooperation Copenhagen, August 2017: A new Denmark-Spain alliance gives the MPS customers of Pulsar Technologies the possibility to choose the JetAdvice Data Collector (JADC) as their preferred Data Collection Agent. The world leading JADC collects data from network connected devices and automatically discovers newly connected devices in […]

Meet the JetAdvice Family

Out now: We have just created a brand new JetAdvice Family brochure so that existing and new customers can get to know our range of products and services quickly and easily. CEO at EuroForm A/S, the company behind the JetAdvice brand, Kim Niebling, says: “As part of the business strategy, our product family has been […]

JetAdvice eSUMMIT 2017

JetAdvice eSUMMIT 2017

The dates are set for: JetAdvice eSUMMIT 2017 From September 11-14, people from all over the world will come together for the JetAdvice eSUMMIT 2017. The JetAdvice eSUMMIT 2017 will present JetAdvice customers and other interested parties with valuable insights into the printer industry and inside information about the JetAdvice products. CEO at EuroForm, Kim […]

JetAdvice Connect

Supply unavailable? No problem!

Not only will JetAdvice Connect automatically detect and order a new printer supply when it is running low. JetAdvice Connect is also able to order the best alternative when the usual toner is unavailable for some reason. This is very helpful, for example when: –  the starter toner is to be replaced –  the supply […]

Press Release: JetAdvice and HP SDS

May 2017 EuroForm A/S Integrates JetAdvice Manager MPS Solution with HP Smart Device Services EuroForm A/S, the Danish company behind the market leading JetAdvice brand, today announced a collaboration with HP’s new Smart Device Services (SDS), a set of cloud tools and device-based sensing capabilities designed to dramatically enhance the service experience. Innovative SDS remote […]

JetAdvice Manager just got even better

JetAdvice Manager kicks off a strategic partnership with HP’s new remote management solution, Smart Device Services (SDS). The exciting remote functionalities will be fully integrated into the powerful JetAdvice engine providing users worldwide with new possibilities wrapped in the same simple and effective interface. By harnessing the strengths of JetAdvice Manager control center, users can […]

Datapac Ltd. experiences huge win

Datapac Ltd., the Irish IT Solutions Provider, has had very beneficial results after implementing JetAdvice Manager as their go-to MPS solution. Streamlining working processes, saving labor costs and getting reliable and more accurate customer data are just some of the advantages that Datapac Ltd. has experienced since switching to JetAdvice Manager back in 2014. Patrick […]

JetAdvice Connect

Out now: JetAdvice Connect

We just launched a brand new and exciting product: JetAdvice Connect. JetAdvice Connect, a state-of-the-art software solution, completely automates and secures the printer supply business. From start to finish. JetAdvice Connect detects low supply levels 24/7 and secures transactions for the supply chain by automatically placing orders at the wholesaler. Our all-compatible software solution is […]