Datapac Ltd. experiences huge win

Datapac Ltd., the Irish IT Solutions Provider, has had very beneficial results after implementing JetAdvice Manager as their go-to MPS solution.

Streamlining working processes, saving labor costs and getting reliable and more accurate customer data are just some of the advantages that Datapac Ltd. has experienced since switching to JetAdvice Manager back in 2014.

Patrick Kickham, CEO at Datapac Ltd., says:
“Before JetAdvice Manager, managing the performance of a printer fleet was very challenging. We didn’t know daily volumes printed per device, coverage rate per cartridge and how many pages we were wasting when replaced too early. On top of that, invoicing was terrible with inconsistent page count data. Today we have full control of our costs”.

For EuroForm A/S, working closely with Datapac to implement and start harvesting the benefits of JetAdvice Manager has been a very positive experience:
“We know the strengths of JetAdvice Manager and it is a pleasure to be cooperating with a company like Datapac that truly understands the potential of our solution and acts on it”, CEO Kim Niebling says.

You can learn more about how Datapac Ltd. has implemented and utilized the power of JetAdvice Manager right here.

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