EuroForm and ITEN Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

Lisbon, February 2016 – ITEN Solutions, one of the largest companies and a major reference in the information technologies sector in Portugal, announced today that it have partnered with Danish EuroForm A/S, providing its flagship JetAdvice Manager throughout ITEN’s customer base in Portugal to optimize and furthermore strengthen its Managed Print Services offerings.

With over 10 million devices under contract, EuroForm A/S is the world’s largest provider of Managed Print Services software. It has a clear view to technology innovation that delivers effective solutions for all its customer’s challenges, making innovation that matters for its customers. EuroForm serves customers ranging from the world’s largest printer vendor, supply distributors, to small, medium and large (multi brand) dealers.

The partnership announced now is a big step for both companies, increasing entry into new strategic markets for both companies.

To ITEN, the JetAdvice Manager software adds value to the current offerings, paving the way for new projects based on full monitoring of print services. With this partnership, ITEN also consolidates its presence into the Portuguese market and into Managed Print Services.

“We are delighted with ITENs’ decision to provide JetAdvice Manager to their customers,” said Mark Kouwenberg, Sales Director, EuroForm. “As the imaging industry continues shifting towards automation, backend integration and deriving more valuable information from customer and device data, we are pleased to be able to provide JetAdvice Manager as the most efficient, cost-effective and qualitative solution for ITEN.”

According to João Martins, Printing Solutions Manager of ITEN , “It’s a great satisfaction for us to count on a top software company in a sector as innovative and competitive as the Print Managed Services sector. We chose JetAdvice Manager over our current solution because it contributes decisively to the evolution of operational control. The ease of use, multibrand and multi-platform concept as well as the confidence was surely the pillars where ITEN based its decision. We are convinced that the ambition and willingness shown by both companies to embrace the new challenges that lie ahead in the future will be the vehicle to achieve the success.

It is clearly a demonstration of how ITEN faces the new challenges boldly mainly the Digital Transformation through an extremely valuable option when it comes to MPS services with competitive and flexible terms.”


About ITEN Solutions

ITEN Solutions – Information Systems, S.A. is a Portuguese IT company, born from the merger between Prológica and CPCis, two of the largest and most representative national companies in the technological information sector. The result of this process provided ITEN Solutions with a strengthened enforcement capacity that benefited from the merger of both organizations, which already had a long history of quality and credibility in the market, thus creating one of the largest companies and a major reference in the information technologies sector in Portugal, with a sophisticated and comprehensive range of services and skills available to its customers.