EuroForm A/S is proud to support a local golfer out of Smørum, Denmark!

A multi-year contract has been signed between Nanna Koerstz Madsen and EuroForm A/S, one of her max 6 main sponsors.

Sports have always interested us at EuroForm, and we have previously sponsored both the men’s and women’s football in Smørum and Swim Club Triton in Ballerup. Nanna is well underway in her golfing career, and we believe that now she has the backing and support she needs especially when we see the fine company of the other main sponsors; Adidas, TaylorMade, Turkish Airlines, Sydbank and Test house!

Kim Niebling, CEO & Founder says: “Nanna has played in Smørum Golf Club throughout her youth, located less than 10 min. from EuroForm’s headquarters. So the idea was just to support locally and together create one Global success”


Nanna has a good start to the season with two second places in her first four tournaments. After a little bit of a break, she is excited that the Ladies European Tour season resumes this week at the Lalla Meryem Cup in Morocco.

Nanna Koerstz Madsen Billede 1  Nanna Koerstz Madsen Billede 2

“It’s really cool to get support from EuroForm with the team,” says Nanna Koerstz Madsen on the agreement and continues:

“It seemed the EuroForm values ​​fits really well for the the values I live by and that they choose to believe in me, of course, this provides a lot of self confidence.

Women’s Golfing is a tough world, especially when it comes to finding major sponsors. It provides a lot of peace, to get such a good and long-term agreement. Along with the other sponsors, they give me the opportunity to focus solely on playing golf, and it is a privilege that I am very grateful for.

I look forward to many successful years with EuroForm/JetAdvice as the main sponsor, and I am excited to show them off around the world.”


EuroForm is looking forward to follow Nanna in the coming years and we are sure that Nanna, with her talent, will get around the world and that the JetAdvice logo is seen along the way!

We wish Nanna luck with a High Five!

Nanna Koerstz Madsen Billede 3