EuroForm supports the battle against cancer

During a lifetime, cancer will affect most people’s life in one way or another.

At EuroForm, the company behind the JetAdvice brand, several of our employees have experienced this often fatal disease up close.

That is why EuroForm again this year joins the battle against cancer.

Supporting the “Knæk cancer” campaign
In week 43 the Danish population join hands to fight cancer. Every year the national “Knæk cancer” campaign and fundraising event collects millions of kroner to research, education and cancer prevention.

CEO at EuroForm, Kim Niebling, says:
– Supporting the “Knæk cancer” campaign is very important to us. We have several employees – including myself – that have experienced the consequences of this horrible disease. In addition, cancer is a major global challenge and we see it as a global responsibility to fight it.

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