Innovation is what we do!

Award winning teamwork.

In 2013 HP’s Large Format Printing (LFP) Division agreed with EuroForm to develop a managed service solution to offer to the Worldwide LFP Channel, which also control the use of original supplies.

HP gave the award to EuroForm for developing the solution HP Partner Link Pay-per-use, powered by JetAdvice Manager. The solution was rolled out to the HP channel partners in October 2015. Within the first six months, over 300 dealers have started using the solution to provide theircustomers managed Large Format Printing services. The results were achieved through the work of employees from both companies.

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Kim Niebling CEO and Owner: “The solution developed is truly one of teamwork from both sides. Using JetAdvice Manager as the “motor” and then adapting it to adding Media and INK usage per job was a huge challenge that required extensive collaboration. I am happy to see we have been able to achieve the HP Branding implementation successfully. Receiving the title “Innovative” realy made me proud!”


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