JetAdvice in your native language

JetAdvice Manager can be in your native language to better reach current and potential customers. Provide the ability to easily communicate the usage and benefits of JetAdvice Manager with support in your native language, with the help from EuroForm’s Translation service and you.

JetAdvice Manager in familiar languages

To get a language supported in JetAdvice Manager it would mean to translate the text for the Application/Portal (, the JetAdvice Data Collector; a service installed at the end user (Install Shield is used for installation), and last but not least the Security White Papers are a must. Other available White Papers and datasheets can be translated at your request.

JetAdvice Manager currently supports a wide range of languages and has been increasing in numbers of languages over the past few years.

Adding new languages is done with the help from our partners which is done on a voluntary basis.

If you have a request for a new language, we are happy to review the business case under a few, but important, terms.

Your Commitment

The translation needs to be done for the Web Ui found on and the JetAdvice Data Collector, a tool downloaded and used by customers used to collect data. And you need to commit to make translation in the future, for a minimum of 3 years.

Text needed to be translated:
– has around 1.800 strings
– JetAdvice Data Collector has around 1.300 strings
– 2 Security White Papers

The translation will be available to all users of JetAdvice Manager and Private Labels.

A process is in place to make sure your time is optimized and you can expect full support from the EuroForm team.

Supported languages
1. Catalan
2. Chinese (Simplified)
3. Chinese (Traditional)
4. Danish
5. Dutch
6. English
7. French
8. German
9. Hindi
10. Italian
11. Japanese
12. Korean
13. Polish
14. Portuguese (Brazil)
15. Russian
16. Spanish
17. Swedish

Next step
Contact and request a introduction to adding an unsupported language.