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Out now: JetAdvice Connect

We just launched a brand new and exciting product: JetAdvice Connect.

JetAdvice Connect, a state-of-the-art software solution, completely automates and secures the printer supply business. From start to finish.

JetAdvice Connect detects low supply levels 24/7 and secures transactions for the supply chain by automatically placing orders at the wholesaler.

Our all-compatible software solution is tailor-made for wholesalers and benefits the entire printer supply chain. JetAdvice Connect lets wholesalers and other links in the supply chain turn disloyalty and random transactions into predictable and recurring income.

“We are proud to present the new member of our product family. During the last year we have invested a lot of resources in developing JetAdvice Connect and we are relieved and proud to see it up and running”, CEO Kim Niebling says.

Already used on the market
The backend of JetAdvice Connect is already used by two major European wholesalers who have launched a private label version within the last couple of months.

CEO, Kim Niebling:
“We are glad that we are not alone in recognizing the huge potential of JetAdvice Connect. We believe that it will increase loyalty in the printer supply chain and boost the number of recurring transactions between wholesalers, resellers and end customers. Our new product is custom-built for wholesalers in the printer industry but we like to believe that we have created a win-win situation for the entire printer supply chain”.

The advantages of JetAdvice Connect

  • Orders stay in the supply chain → loyalty
  • Crystal ball effect → improved inventory management
  • Closer connection to your sales channel – resellers and end customers
  • Private label program → brand it as your own
  • Increased use of original supplies
  • Completely multivendor compatible

How does it work?
When installed, JetAdvice Connect monitors every device in the printer fleet 24/7. We support every vendor and every device connected to a network.

JetAdvice Connect automatically orders new supplies at the wholesaler when supply levels are low. Orders are placed and delivered in due time before devices run out. Everyone involved in the printer supply chain will be able to secure their supply business and not miss out.

It is pretty simple but very efficient.

The conventional and unreliable business model of printer supplies is transformed into more predictable and recurring transactions.

Get in touch and get Connected
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