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EuroForm was proudly chosen by HP as “Partner of the month” in HP’s Silver Partner Program.

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Silver Partner Community Newsletter

August 2016

Building the Story:

HP JetAdvantage Silver Partner of the Month EuroForm A/S

A candid interview started with an easy question:

HP: “How long has EuroForm been an HP JetAdvantage partner?”

EuroForm: ”We think the answer is ‘always’.”

EuroForm A/S is an independent software development company based in Denmark. Since 1993, we have proudly and successfully developed innovative solutions and we are among the very first printer software developers to offer innovative solutions in the cloud. EuroForm provides superior consultation and support to our customers around the world. Our customers are a priority for our vision, mission, and values; you can always expect nothing less than the best.

EuroForm is committed to adding true value for customers while we provide market leading software solutions that optimize and enhance the use of printers, scanners, and multifunction devices. One of our key values is we focus and innovate on solution development that matters to our customers. Our customers’ business needs require us to deliver competitive, innovative solutions that matter now and in the future. Our innovation provides high customer satisfaction and ensures customer retention.

JetAdvice Manager is a comprehensive cloud-based MPS solution that provides seamless fleet management automation, integration, and reliable device management. JetAdvice Manager provides the freedom to access collected data as well as manage Reports and Alerts remotely from any client’s fleet, anywhere in the world, securely. JetAdvice Manager is an ideal tool to keep operational costs low and minimize environmental impact. The solution is built on EuroForm’s vast experience and incorporates the newest technologies from Microsoft.

Key solution focus:

JetAdvice Manager: Cloud-based managed print solution with the best dataset available, providing a solid basis for making informed decisions both for you and your customers. Ideal for a wide range of use cases including: automated supplies handling, custom system integration, and reliable advice on device level. Advanced reports and e-mail alerts ensure high efficiency and reduced costs.

JetAdvice Hybrid: Endless possibilities such as integration, automation, prototyping, onetime reports, and more. Link any back office system with JetAdvice Manager for easy access to the collected data in any on premise SQL database, regardless of where it is located. No more time-consuming manual synchronization between systems which streamlines processes that create more business value.

JetAdvice Premium: The full picture of your print environment with professional on-demand and in-depth reports which instantly create valuable assessments for decision making. With unlimited reports of unlimited managed devices and the best dataset available, it is the most complete cloud-based tool to optimize a printing fleet. All collected data will be safely stored forever for your reference.

“How does your partnership with HP help you meet customer needs and separate you from your competitors?”

Working side by side with HP, we have all the resources, experience, and knowledge needed to deliver customized solutions that meet unique customer business requirements that include:

  • A good escalation path for support and service
  • Trusted and proven imaging and printing devices

“How does EuroForm benefit by being in the HP JetAdvantage Partner program?”

Key benefits:

  • Integration with HP’s wide portfolio of imaging and printing products is providing HP customers with an unparalleled breadth and depth of solution offerings around the world
  • Visibility through HP’s sales guide
  • Support from the HP team
  • Getting access to information about new devices before introduction
  • Being part of the development community

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