Partner of the Year 2012

Spanish mHermida awarded Partner of the year 2012

During the recent JetAdvice Summit 2013 in Copenhagen, EuroForm’s Spanish partner mHermida was honored with the appointment as EuroForm Partner of the Year 2012

Naming EuroForm’s Partner of the Year has been extremely difficult to decide, because our partners differ on several points. Even if we were to award it on a single criteria for an achievement, it would be hard to choose; so many partners excelled in one area or another!

The choice for this year’s partner, has fallen on a partner who has kept a tight focus on dissemination of JetAdvice in its territory. This partner has increased commitment in number of units; more than 100% growth. This partner has worked hard to successfully integrate JetAdvice into their own back-end systems. This partner has also managed to stay focused in a market that has been hit hard by the financial crisis, but who single-handedly, has managed to create results in a market that has been under pressure from competing products. This partner, despite the competition, managed to explain to customers what value they gain by using JetAdvice.

For Partner of the Year of 2012, it is our great pleasure to announce our winner, mHermida of Spain.