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JetAdvice Connect is tailormade for supply wholesalers and IT distributors in the printer industry.

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We work closely together with the large OEM’s worldwide. We aim to uphold the best dataset in the industry and support all devices from all vendors.

This enables us to offer the highest possible quality of MPS related services to our customers.

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Partnering with EuroForm clearly strengthens the position of Claranet offer Managed Print Services on the Portuguese market. The ease of use, full multi-brand and the quality of the dataset were the pillars where Claranet based its decision on to move away from its current solution towards JetAdvice Manager.

João Martins - Printing Solution Manager, Claranet Portugal

Before JetAdvice Manager, managing the performance of a printer fleet was very challenging. We didn't know Daily volumes printed per device, coverage rate per cartridge and how many pages we were wasting when replaced too early. On top of that, invoicing was terrible with inconsistent page count data. Today we have full control of our costs.

Patrick Kickham - CEO

All historical data and customer information was migrated in minutes. We truly consider JetAdvice Manager as the number one solution worldwide in remote monitoring: accurate, reliable and secure combined with an excellent support team.

Dennis Gielen - Team Manager, Managed Print Solutions

The accurate notifications, real time information and the many detailed reports help our customers to have clear insights in their cost structure and moreover keep it under control.

Marcel van den Berg - Business Manager MPS

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