Integration with JetAdvice creates real value

Integrate your JetAdvice data with your backend systems and boost your business.

  • Easily automate invoicing to your customers
  • Minimize manual processes
  • Eliminate human data handling errors

Create real value for your business by integrating with JetAdvice!

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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The real value of the JetAdvice data will appear when integrated with the systems you use daily, e.g. your Service or EPR systems.

We offer several ways to integrate JetAdvice data with other systems.

Data comes in many formats such as excel, csv, xml and pdf, exports can be handled manually or automated, “triggered reports” or scheduled reports, real time API, etc.

EuroForm works closely with selected integration partners. Together we ensure a seamless integration of JetAdvice Manager into most business environments.

JetAdvice can export data in many formats such as excel, csv, xml, pdf. The export can be handled manually or it can be automated either as a “triggered report” or as a regularly scheduled report.

Real time integration

If you require real time online integration, JetAdvice also offers an API for full flexibility.

To learn more about JetAdvice API, please get in touch or see

All models from all vendors are supported!

Move your data easily into JetAdvice Manager!

Reduce the time investment and manual entry process of updating your printer fleet information by using JetAdvice’s Migration Service. This migration service makes it easy to migrate and update existing printer fleet data to JetAdvice Manager with a quick turnaround reducing overhead costs and possible human errors.

API White Paper

Technical overview of data available in the JetAdvice API.

IPP White Paper

JetAdvice offers several ways to integrate data with back end systems.

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