Print industry forced to focus on output reduction, due to shifting consumer demands

Last week published an article that emphasizes major changes in print strategy trends, which cause vendors to rethink their business area.

Users no longer focus on pages per minute or how much it costs to print, they care about how effective their print solution is, how little they can settle to print and how much they can save. It’s basically a changed focus from cheap to smart – which eventually is the cheapest of the two, if you ask us. So ironically enough, the best sales guy in the print industry right now is the guy who sells the print solution that ends up printing the fewest pages.

The article touches some of the important points of why a cost cutting print solution is a clever thing to include in your business infrastructure.

We’re not surprised this subject is introduced now, since it’s been part our core ideology for years already. The article emphasizes that the print industry is seeing big changes in how users consume the products, which forces vendors to implement software solutions for smarter document workflows, instead of focusing on the traditional hardware and supply sales. The article not only claims there’s a huge changes in the market, quotes from important industry commentators proves that one should not ignore this change.

Søren Krogh Nielsen, CEO Ricoh Denmark, says:

It becomes more interesting, what we put into our machines than what comes out on paper. Therefore, it is significant that today we do not have any major customers not purchasing a complete software solution with us.”

A relevant comment that shows an increased interest in software solutions and less interest in actually printing documents.

Peter Koch, Sales Director at Credocom and Chairman of the Board at EuroForm, says:

Everybody is looking for the next business that can lift earnings margin. Digital workflow, focusing on sales of software, services and consulting is an obvious business opportunity that is potentially very profitable.”

Again this stress how the change of demands is changing the way the industry is doing business.

Kim Nielsen, CEO Canon Denmark, says:

The biggest challenge is probably that today we have a large part of our revenue and profit on a core business, that is under price pressure, which is becoming commoditized. So we have to make a tremendously fast swing towards new services. It could be managed print services (MPS), which I do not think is a commodity for many customers. The customer can now have a tool to evaluate its printer fleet. It provides a transparency that leads to the question whether the customer can save even more.”

Maybe the most accurate comment – especially the mention of transparency that we believe is very important to gain a successful assessment.

If the vendors change their way of thinking business from selling hardware and printed pages to software solutions with intelligent document workflow and printer fleet management, don’t you think it’s time to consider this for your business?

We believe that MPS is not just a buzz, it’s the most important thing you can do for your business.”

It’s rare MPS gets attention by broader IT media but this article has a super important point about a game changer for the industry. Even though we’ve been preaching the importance of MPS for years, we’re excited to see an article like this. We believe that MPS is not just a buzz, it’s the most important thing you can do for your business.

Where do we go from here?

We hope this recap gives you an idea of how important it is to follow the market changes – not just now but all the time of course. This change is just the most significant we’ve seen in the industry for many years.

Kim Niebling, CEO EuroForm, says:

The MPS industry is changing at a fast pace and new companies are already gaining notable market shares. The dealers who don’t change their business model now and adapt to the changes, could be out of business next year.”

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Source: (Danish article) – English Google translation

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