JetAdvice powers the new Despec PRISUME service

JetAdvice and Despec cooperate on new solution to automate printer supply ordering.

Despec has just launched PRISUME, a cloud based service that automates the process of end customers ink and toner orders – before the devices run dry.

Behind the new service is the JetAdvice software engine.

At JetAdvice, we are proud to be a vital part of a strong cooperation and we look forward to keep working with Despec in the future.

The press release from Despec:



PRISUME is an online reseller solution, cloud based and networked service that automates the total process of end-customers ink & toner orders – before the printers run dry.

“We have worked on this solution for more than a year together with EuroForm, and we’re very excited to present this fully automated solution to our customers”, says Michael Voll, CEO of Despec Nordic. “We wanted to build a multi-vendor solution for the channel in respect of the 2nd tier resellers, enabling traditional transaction-based print and supplies dealers to offer a real and simple, automated service model, for their end-customers.  The structure of the business model should respect the various channel players, from vendor via distributor and reseller to the ultimate end-customer with the actual printer, it should be simple and it should be fully automated – and we have managed just that.”

In short “Supplies as a Service” – but with the nature and economical flow as a transaction based model.  No subscription fees and the printer won’t generate costs unless it actually prints.

For the reseller, it’s a nice automated service that can be offered to current and new end-customers, and it will secure the future supplies orders. PRISUME offers the reseller full transparency and allows the reseller to manage the pricing at his own full discretion.

PRISUME works like this:

The printers are monitored by PRISUME, so when the level of ink or toner reach a set threshold an automatic order is sent through the cloud based PRISUME service in the identity of the reseller – with instructions to deliver directly to the end-customer printer location – anywhere in the Nordic region.

Dealer only

Despec is a true “DEaler SPECialist” and is not engaged with the end-customer.  The reseller will invite his own end-customer to the PRISUME platform from a simple web-based reseller “cockpit”, and all orders generated from end-customers will then be served from Despec logistics – as a drop shipment service in the name of the reseller (reseller’s own logo, packing slip, delivery note also).

The reseller will continue to be only contact for the end-customer regarding printer service, hardware renewal, adjustments of the print solution or adjustments of the printer fleet – and very important, all invoicing of PRISUME ordered ink and toners. This enables the reseller to offer the PRISUME solution at his own decided price point, at any current customer pricing or in any given model – at his own choice.

PRISUME has been developed by Despec and EuroForm A/S.

PRISUME is available for resellers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.  Resellers can register for free by contacting Despec in your own country or via e-mail: / se / no / fi / is

Learn more about PRISUME: / dk / se / no / fi / is

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