JetAdvice Connect

Secure your printer supply business

JetAdvice Connect automates printer supply fulfillment completely. From start to finish – from order to delivery.

Orders are automatically placed at the wholesaler – in due time before the customers run out of toner or ink. We monitor and detect low printer supply levels 24/7.

  • Increased loyalty – orders stay in sales channel
  • Tailormade for wholesalers in the printer industry
  • More predictable and recurring income
  • Reduces manual tasks and errors
  • “Crystal ball effect” = better inventory management
  • Private skin program – brand it as your own
  • Easy customer implementation

With JetAdvice Connect our PRISUME platform is leading-edge technology that meets the demands of all parties in the market. We believe that servicing our customers before they realize their needs is the best way to increase satisfaction and retention.

Peter Bach - Sales Mgr., Despec Denmark A/S (Wholesaler)

In a world where the Internet of things and automation is king, we needed a product ahead of the curve. I believe that our cooperation with EuroForm to build PRISUME, based on JetAdvice Connect, will be exactly what our customers want, what their customers want and what will work for all tiers in our market. In addition, it’s a great enabler for our OEM-partners to ensure the distribution of original consumables

Thomas Harboe Hald - GM IT & Marketing, Despec Nordic (Wholesaler)

We believe that our investment in EuroForm's JetAdvice Connect and our combined efforts to build PRISUME is what will fuel the Nordic market for MPS and MPS-like solutions in the coming decade. Market trends tell us that we need to automate and let robots and smart applications and devices do the menial tasks – which frees up time and resources to add real value to the business – in all tiers of the market: OEM, Despec, Partners, Customers/Users.

Michael Voll - CEO

A win-win situation for the entire printer supply chain

We like to think that we have created a win-win situation with JetAdvice Connect.

Our unique and fully automated printer supply solution will benefit every link in the printer supply chain – from wholesaler to reseller and end customer – significantly.

It is that easy and that efficient.


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