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Switching to other accounts

Remember settings

Supported devices

How to read the Dashboard

Switching to other accounts

"Currently, in the JetAdvice Free app, it is not possible to switch to other accounts as in JetAdvice Manager. This means, that you will need to create a user on the customer whom you wish to see data for,"

Remember settings

"When the user clicks 'Remember settings', the settings are stored on the device. This means, that when the user re-opens the application without logging out, the user will be automatically logged in.

If the user logs out, the username/password combination is still stored. If the users wishes to remove the stored settings, they have to disable the 'Remember settings' switch from the login screen"

Supported devices

Currently the app is supported on the following iOS devices, running iOS 8.0 or higher:

iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus
iPod Touch 5th gen.
iPad 2, 3rd gen., 4th gen., Air, Air 2, Mini 1st gen., Mini 2 and Mini 3

We also support about 7.000 Android devices. Please contact us if yours doesn't work.

How to read the Dashboard

Color graph: Showing percentage breakdown of color vs. mono pages printed on all color devices

Vendor graph: Showing the total amount of vendors in your fleet. The table shows the average number of pages printed per vendor.

Age graph: Shows the average age of devices in your fleet. The table shows the amount of pages printed the given year.

Supplies graph: Shows the number of supplies in your print fleet. The table shows the number of pages printed for each supply.

Please note, that the table for any graph (except for the Color graph) only shows the top 10 entries. If needed, contact your dealer to retrieve additional information about each area through JetAdvice Manager.