JetAdvice Hybrid

JetAdvice Hybrid

Fuel your business - smooth integration

JetAdvice Hybrid smoothly integrates real-time customer and device data with your system. It is the link between JetAdvice Manager and your back office.

Customer and device data are strategic business assets. By using the unifying powers of JetAdvice Hybrid you will very easily have access to all the important data in your prefered location.

Anywhere, anytime.

  • Easily access real-time customer and device data
  • Integrated directly into your back office system
  • Vast opportunities for integration, automation and retrieval of data
  • Data in the cloud
  • Data at your preferred storage location

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Having a simple SQL structure as the interface between your developers and the data, makes you able to solve ad-hoc tasks faster than ever.

  • Prototyping
  • One-time-reports
  • Extraordinary documentation requests
  • and much more..


Do you have a back office system that you heavily rely on today?
JetAdvice Hybrid can make integration work more seamlessly.
Weather you build your own mobile app or use an advanced CRM system, you can always rely on your own SQL server to be online and ready to serve queries.


Did you ever consider you might be able to free up labor in your organization?
No more manual synchronization between two systems and more time for processes that adds more value to your business.
It has never been easier to create your own service that links JetAdvice Hybrid and your back office system.

JetAdvice Brochure

Get an overview of the features you get using JetAdvice Manager as your print management tool.

JetAdvice Hybrid

Learn more about how JetAdvice Hybrid can help your business, by granting easy reliable access to data through…

JetAdvice Hybrid White Paper

Technical overview and details for the JetAdvice Hybrid product. In depth description of data available through SQL.