Healthier environment – healthier economy

Healthier environment – healthier economy

Understand your costs and environmental impact

  • Understand the power consumption and CO2 emission of your printer fleet
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Know when to replace older devices
  • Determine where to place copiers vs. printers or MFDs (Multi Function Devices)
  • Place the right device in the right location for efficiency and cost saving
  • Manage costs - for power consumption and more

Learn more...

Learn more..

The environment is one of the hottest topics on today’s agenda and many companies are looking for ways to cut their CO2 emission.

We know for a fact that printers and copiers are many times overlooked as a source of unnecessary emission.

Devices are often left turned on - standing unnoticed at the office for years.

This results in unnecessarily high CO2 emission because of the relatively heavy power consumption of printers and copiers.

Choosing the right printer devices

Do you look at power consumption and number of printed pages per minute, when you have to choose the right printer? And do you look at the environmental impact of the particular device?

JetAdvice Manager provides exactly the right data to assist you with the economical and environmental decisions when it comes to choosing printer devices.

Streamline your printer fleet

We can provide you with an assessment of how to use the company's printer fleet in the most effective way.

This will benefit both the environment and your economical situation.

JetAdvice Manager provides a valuable and comprehensive overview so that important decisions are made on an informed basis!

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Print Analysis

  • Cost-effective, efficient, easy to use
  • Find all your inventory, learn how devices are used 

Meter Reading

Complete, vendor-independent, data collection on devices, consumables and more.


Learn more about automated supplies ordering, based on real and projected use.

Print Analysis

You can assess and analyze all monitored devices and make your own analysis.


Extend the life of your devices using maintenance alerts.


Learn more about full customizable data export and get max. efficiency.


Reduce CO2 emissions and manage power costs.