HP Smart Device Services

Raise the bar - do it remotely

JetAdvice Manager just got even better! Together with HP we have raised the bar.

JetAdvice partners can take advantage of the unique HP SDS solution which is fully integrated into JetAdvice Manager - with the same simplicity and ease-of-use as always.

Using your JetAdvice control center, you can manage HP devices remotely to reduce labor costs and optimize supply use.

New remote HP features include:

  • Reboot devices = less unnecessary service visits
  • Update firmware = devices work better
  • Soft call elimination / remote resolve
  • Set alarms to bring down toner waste = happier customers
  • Locate missing printers = more accurate counters

Want to add HP SDS to your existing JetAdvice tool? Reach out to us today at support@euroform.com.

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For more info on the wonders of JetAdvice Manager HP SDS, please click the links below:
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Preventive Maintenance
Remote Configuration
Optimize Supply Use
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