Optimize supply use

Less waste means happier customers

A saying in the printer industry is “don’t leave toner on the table”.

With JetAdvice Manager you can optimize your customer's use of supplies and reduce waste at the same time.


  • Reduce supply waste
  • Notify user only when supplies must be replaced
  • Cost-effective supply use
  • Notification if toner is changed too soon
  • Happier customers

When used in combination with vendor tools, JetAdvice Manager offers an enhanced variety of possibilities. As an example, we work closely with HP SDS to support remote device management, supply optimization and other cost saving functionalities.

In order to optimize supply use it is vital to know the entire printer fleet.
With JetAdvice Manager you have the best possibilities to keep monitoring all devices in the printer fleet. Read more here

Want to optimize?

Let's help you save on supplies:

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