JetAdvice Manager

Advanced printer fleet management made easy

JetAdvice Manager gives you full control of your printer fleet.

Our cloud-based MPS solution provides total and efficient printer fleet management with supply automation, integration, and detailed device data you can count on.

  • Manage unlimited printer fleets and devices – easily
  • Base decisions and recommendations on action-oriented quality data
  • Reduce manual processes and errors
  • Automated supply fulfillment secures your supply business
  • Experience the amazing ease of use
  • No startup fee – pay as you go

With the visibility that JetAdvice Manager provides, we have improved control of our printer fleet. We've seen increased device uptime, have better positioning of devices onsite, and now use JetAdvice Manager as an assessment tool in a pre-sales analysis.

Aisling O’Farrell - Business Relationship Manager, Datapac

JetAdvice is the best Fleet Management and Assessment solution we have ever seen. The enormous amount of customizable reports and alerts will give you peace of mind when managing a fleet of devices in the field. Together with EuroForm we are moving to the next level of the Managed Printing Solution business.

Asen Georgiev - Corporate Printing Solutions, CNsys PLC

JetAdvice Manager takes care of the on-time delivery of the right information and always provides us with the level of detail needed. Furthermore, the simplicity and the stability of the Data Collector is an enormous plus. Within a few minutes, a new Vitasys customer is up and running and ready to be managed.

Tim van Dam - Operations Director, Vitasys

We simply get more precise and easier available printer fleet data to base our business on. Not to mention the ease of use and possibilities for automation.

João Martins - Printing Solutions Manager

Using JetAdvice Manager allows us to provide our customers with all necessary information to efficiently manage and monitor their printer fleets. The on-time delivery of supplies and preventative maintenance alerting removes all burdens from the customer. JetAdvice Manager is an excellent solution for true Managed Print Services.

Bonne van Dijk - Sales Manager Office Supplies

JetAdvice simply delivers. It provides us with clear insights we need.

Jean-Paul de Pundert - CEO

It is our impression that JetAdvice cannot be matched by anyone else on the market. The quality of the MPS solution is unparalleled

Horst Zetterstrom - CEO

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