RFC - Request For Change

Request For Change means to add functionality and modify the currently existing UI or tools. For example:

  • Workflow optimization
  • Complete portal redesign
  • Add missing fields to Dealer, Customer, Contact, Device or other

RFW - Request For Work

Request For Work means to take the current data and information and provide, for example:

  • Customer special reports
  • Movement of data that is not possible as is

All models from all vendors are supported!


Don't miss out on features you need! Make your request for what you need added to JetAdvice and find out if its possible. Even the world's best MPS software tool may be missing a mission critical tool or feature for your business.


Our JetAdvice development team provides the logistical knowledge and understanding - when reviewing your request for JetAdvice enhancements and special needs.
They find out if it is possible and the associated costs involved.


We value the input and direction focus from all our customers.
When a request is made for development to JetAdvice, a discount of the price is also defined that shows EuroForm's share of the costs - as the feature requested may benefit other JetAdvice customers.

Send us your request!

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Services are available for Migration into JetAdvice as well as

Integrating your data into backend systems.

API White Paper

Technical overview of data available in the JetAdvice API.

IPP White Paper

JetAdvice offers several ways to integrate data with back end systems.


Get an overview of the different training options for JetAdvice.