Global Language Support

Global Language Support

We support languages worldwide

Use JetAdvice Manager in your native language!

  • We support more than 20 different languages around the globe.
  • Increase your efficiency by working in your native language
  • Take full advantage of JetAdvice Manager, our tailormade MPS solution.

Useful features in a globalized world

In JetAdvice Manager, we have made it very easy to switch between languages and cultures.

This means that you can work in one language and generate your reports in another. You can also work in one language and use a different number and date format at the same time.

Pretty useful when working in a globalized world!

If you’re managing a printer fleet…

JetAdvice Manager helps you make smart decisions by delivering the right data.

Complete understanding of your printer fleet is at your fingertips!

All models from all vendors are supported!