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Supply unavailable? No problem!

Not only will JetAdvice Connect automatically detect and order a new printer supply when it is running low.

JetAdvice Connect is also able to order the best alternative when the usual toner is unavailable for some reason.

This is very helpful, for example when:
–  the starter toner is to be replaced
–  the supply is not supported by the reseller
–  the supply is temporarily unavailable (out of stock, backorder, end-of-life, etc.)

Note that this feature requires integration with the wholesaler’s stock management system. Once done, it will add great value to wholesalers, resellers and end customers.

The intelligence of JetAdvice Connect secures the supply business AND the customer will not risk running out of toner no matter what.

And bear in mind that all of this happens automatically!

Detailed supply fulfillment settings

The settings for the automatic supply orders can be customized to fit the preferences of you and your customers.

Maybe the customer is better off with low capacity supply if the device is seldomly used?

Maybe a high capacity supply is the best choice if the device is always printing and you want to reduce administration costs?

Or maybe you just want JetAdvice Connect by default to order the same supply as usual?

Either way, you can easily customize these settings within the JetAdvice portal.

The customizable nature of JetAdvice Connect lets wholesalers fine-tune the service they provide to their customers. And while doing that, the supply business is secured.

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