Tech: Alternative Identifiers

Adding Alternative Identifiers to devices

With JetAdvice Manager, we know it is important that users get to identify their devices the way they need to. It is not always that you want to call a device by its name or it’s serial number, your organization may have it’s own device accounting system. we have 3 different alternative identifiers than can be used for reports in JetAdvice Manager.

How to add information to a Printer:
The Printer Details page can be accessed by pressing the gray/blue “”i”” icon next to a printer name from the dashboard or in a report. In the top section of the Printer Details there are 3 options for “”Alternative Identifiers”” section; Device ID, Serial# and Product#.

This information is used on top of the information gathered from your device. When any of these fields are filled in, the respective field categories can be added to any of the existing Views to ensure this new information can be part of the Views and Reports you look into.

How to add Alternative Identifiers to Views and Reports:
Open or create a Report to then edit the available columns. Add any, or all, of the Alternative Identifiers to your view by typing the name in the search area or choosing the information from the drop-down list for the desired fields you would like to add; changes are saved immediately.