Tech: Bulk ordering with intelligence

Contacts determine what gets ordered

Smart Bulk Supply ordering is enabled when using and assigning Contacts to devices to streamline ordering for different locations.

Many JetAdvice customers have multiple locations and a bulk order would order for all locations; London, Copenhagen, New York, etc… all in one order. When contacts with address information are assigned to devices, this helps identify a location for said devices to ensure the bulk orders are for that location specifically.

Bulk orders just got smarter!
It all comes down to the Contacts assigned to the one printer that triggered the alert. If that Contact has an address in field Address1, the address will be the criteria when smart bulk ordering is used. Otherwise, all supplies within the bulk settings will be alerted if no contact was set, like before regardless of where they are in the world.​

Now, only bulk supplies that share the same contact as the device that triggered the supply order will be ordered as per the bulk threshold settings. If devices that have supplies that meet the bulk settings but do not share the same contact with the same address information, those supplies will not be ordered at that event.