Tech: Contacts

Adding Contacts to your devices

Adding Contact information to devices provides a higher level of detail for those involved in meeting device needs. When Contacts are assigned to a device, those Contact fields can be used in created Report views and Emailed Reports.

Creating Contacts:
Adding the 5 different Contact types is done at the Admin > Contacts menu. Also linked at the Device Information page on the Inventory tab.

Assigning Contact to 1 device:
When pressing the device information link, Gray/Blue “i”, from a report allows access to the Inventory tab of the specific selected device. You will be able to select the specific Contacts for each different Contact option.

Assigning Contact to many devices:
To assign 1 Contact to many devices, this is done at the Groups > Group Devices menu option. Select the devices to assign to a specific Contact and then choose the Contact from the Contact drop down area and press Change Contact.