Tech: Dealer Dashboard Tip

Understanding the Customer Section of your Dealer Dashboard

On the Dealer Dashboard you have the ability to see all of the customers under your account in the section at the bottom titled Customers. Various information about the accounts is available, as well as the ability to set a status for each of them. You may utilize the filter to help see more information, or less, depending on filter criteria.


This field provides the information for customer names and links to their accounts. If you feel some customers are missing, you might use the filter to “show archived” on the right incase any customer accounts are currently hidden.

Managed devices:

Number of current managed printers / max total number of printers for all time on the account.


Number of managed printers added during the current period. For example, the period setting could be “Last 30 Days” showing new managed devices in the last 30 days.

Email alerts:

Alerts on the dashboards reflect more instant alerts detected and presented when communicated by the Data Collectors.

Last Collect:

Indicates the last time a Data Collector has performed a Collect phase. Note, there may be more than 1 Data Collector on  the account, some may be offline.


Although a list of various status options are provided, you are left up to your own discretion of how each status is used, based on your prefered note making.

Created: The customer account has only been created, may not indicate customer is notified yet by email.
DC Installed: A way to confirm the Data Collector has been installed. If no Scan Date is present it would help inform you, the Dealer, that support may be required to start the DC and/or find out of there are network issues.
Ranges Created: A status option to identify that ranges have been created for the customer. By default, there is only one range added from the installation; multiple ranges may be required depending on the environment.
Running: A general status of the account running with no issues.
Offline: A status to signify a note of the DC being offline, the Scan date may also show an older date indicating the DC has not been running and is a good reminder to check in with the customer.
Closed: Indicates the account is closed and does not require attention.
Temp Closed: This status option is a good way to display that the account is temporarily closed possibly to due to a stopped billing cycle and indicating account may be re-opened.
Call Customer: This status gives a good visual reminder to call the customer. One could use the Status Msg are to indicate who and/or why.
Send Technician: This status gives a good visual reminder to send a technician. One could use the Status Msg are to indicate why and when.
Escalation: This status option provides a clear status that there is an issue that requires your attention.
Assessment: Status message to indicate that this account is being used for assessment.
Production: Status indicates account is in production usage and requires little or no assistance.
Not Validated: Account has not been comfirmed and validated by the new customer.
Validated: Account has been confirmed and validated by the customer.

Status Message:

One would use the Status Message as an opportunity to elaborate, or only use the Status Message to communicate any notes regarding the account.


If you choose to not want to see an account in your statistics or report data, pressing the archive icon will hide the account out of normal view. Checking the “Show Archived” in the filter to the upper right of this section, will show hidden customer accounts and allow you to change from “Archived” to “Unarchived”.

More informative information like this is available in the JetAdvice Manager FAQ section