Tech: Dealer Logo and Estimated Counters

Dealer Logo

Now in JetAdvice Manager, your dealer logo can replace the standard JetAdvice logo in the upper left corner. You can use your dealer company logo for you and your customer accounts when they log in!

See FAQ or video below for more details Adding a Dealer Logo to JetAdvice Manager.

Estimated Counters

New estimated counter fields have been added to JetAdvice Manager! These counters take in consideration the defined period and use the days the devices have been seen to then calculate and predict average future usage per Day, Month, Quarter and Year.

The old report called “Billing Period State” will not be able to be duplicated anymore, therefore we have added the calculated fields for “Days, Month and year” as custom fields so you can use them in any report, we have also added an extra period “quarter”

A new report called “Billing Period statistics” will include the new estimated counters and replace the old report “Billing Period State” and will now include the new counter “quarter.” – “Billing Period statistics” can be found in Reports -> Overview