Tech: Dimplex counters & Maintenance update

Dimplex: More HP counters available in JetAdvice

We are all familair with the terms Simplex and Duplex for printing. You might ask, “”Dimplex… What the?””

Dimplex is a way to account for jobs printed in duplex mode but the back side of the paper is blank. HP devices, depending on their version of firmware, will be able to utilize these counters in A4 and A3 sizes and can be separated by Mono and Color. Add these new fields to account for dimplex printed pages!

Maintenance update

We have updated how future maintenance is displayed in the JetAdvice portal. Now you will see red text identifying the next service window.

Updating the services and servers of JetAdvice is a nessecary requirement to maintain and improve our solution and we want to make sure all of our users are aware of any upcoming service windows.