Tech: Discovering devices and Community names

Discovering devices

JetAdvice is able to collect printer names, serial numbers, host names and other important information from devices, and it is the IP Address that is used as the primary key in JetAdvice for discovery; then matched to its MAC address because of the unique values.

How devices are discovered
Finding printers with the Data Collector in network environments is done by the unique IP address, as 2 networked devices can not successfully share an IP address. FAQ

Basic settings to be able to discover and collected devices

  • Devices must be turned on
  • Have SNMP v1 enabled at the device
  • Community name set as ‘public’ in the device’s network settings

How to use different Community names

If the policy is to not use the default name ‘Public’ for the community name, or one device is different than the others on a range; you can adapt the Data Collector range settings to use a specific Community name.

Modifying the community name can be done from the Data Collector in the JetAdvice portal by selecting Admin > Data Collectors and then click the name of a Data Collector to edit it’s range(s). Once saved, if other than ‘Public’ the community name will be displayed by the set IP range.

Define a range of IP addresses with one community name and another range of IP addresses with another community name if multiple community names are used across devices in a network range. FAQ