Tech Update: Alert scheduling update

Update to frequency options for Alert Reports

Alert report frequency options have been updated. Now the available options for newly created alert report email frequencies are ‘Days’ and ‘Weeks’. The option for Hours has been removed when you create a new supply report as of June 21st.

Give us a moment to explain why the change. We know some customers may feel they need to rely on multiple daily alert reports, which will still be possible.

Streamlining the process
Our goal is to lessen the load on the reporting service to increase performance and reliability for your reports.

We can see Supply Alert reports, for example, are being created and running as often as possible, 7 days a week and upto as many as 4 times a day.

The best way to utilize a Supply Alert is to Set the thresholds for Trigger and Bulk to reasonable level settings and schedule the email during the workweek at either the first of the day or toward the end of the day for ordering.

Also note, when the frequency ‘Days’ is selected, Saturday and Sunday will not be selected by default.

How to get multiple alert report emails any day
On your created alert report, you can set multiple schedules for the same report for different times of day. The Blue envelope indicates how many time the report is scheduled for email.