Private label

Private label

João Martins
Printing Solution Manager, ITEN Solutions
"Partnering with EuroForm clearly strengthens the position of ITEN Solutions offering Managed Print Services on the Portuguese market. The ease of use, full multi-brand and the quality of the data set were the pillars where ITEN Solutions based its decision on to move away from its current solution towards JetAdvice Manager"

Your own Look and Feel

Get the world’s best Printer Fleet Management Solution, wrapped in your own Private Label.

From your customer’s experience, to your backend systems.

It is your logo, your corporate colors and  your company identity that shines through!

Private Label turns JetAdvice Manger into your company's own branded MPS solution! 

Strong identity

Private Label makes your Company identity stronger, and creates loyalty to your brand while giving “your solution” a uniqueness from marketing material, installation experience and not to forget the user interface.


There are various advantages for you as a partner to sign up to the Private Label program.

Private Label creates a personalized image, which in return leads to higher customer loyalty and possible longer customer retention. It allows you to differentiate your price level from case to case, regardless of any proposed market price. Your solution – your price.

Already using an MPS tool and want to switch to JetAdvice Manager?

We offer migration services for easy transitions to JetAdvice and also ways to integrate that information in your business tools.

Overview of Private Label Services

Data Agent

  • Own logo and color scheme
  • Install screenshots

MPS Webpage

  • URL e.g. “
  • Logo and color

Marketing material

  • Product sheets
  • White papers
  • Feature sheets


  • We support more than 15 languages
  • More is added regularly
  • Let us know if you have a specific request

Contact us if you have any questions

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Private Label White Paper

Get the world’s best MPS software tool, wrapped in your own Private Label.

JetAdvice Brochure

Get an overview of the features you get using JetAdvice Manager as your print management tool.

JetAdvice Manager

Complete, vendor-independent, data collection that helps you make smart decisions by delivering the right data on time.


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