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Are you ahead of the curve when it comes to running your Managed Print Services business? Here’s an inside tip that could turn things around for you: use the services of a printer fleet management solution that’s really putting its stamp on the industry.

Advanced print management in a few easy clicks

Since 2002, JetAdvice Manager has been making its mark in all kinds of smart ways in printer fleet management. Not only does JetAdvice Manager address all the needs of today’s market, but this advanced platform is totally ready for all the new demands of the future, where data insights and remote access will play a key role.

But advanced technology is only effective if it’s easy to use. JetAdvice Manager scores highly in this area, combining all the best solutions for monitoring, maintaining and supplying printers and MFPs into one elegantly simple package. This software is a one-stop-shop for overseeing all your customer printer environments and it’s compatible with all brands and models of printers and MFPs.

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Print fleet management you can trust

Trust is a valuable commodity in business. When it comes to enterprise printer management software, how do you know which platform you can trust? The best bet is to find a product that has a strong, solid presence in the industry. Glowing testimonials are also a good indicator of a quality company you can fully trust.

Consider then, JetAdvice Manager’s long history. It’s been in existence since 2002.

Next, this is software that has the gold seal of approval from Buyers Lab, the independent test laboratory. The rigorous testing process used by Buyers Lab puts JetAdvice Manager in the category of a Gold Tested Solution. It’s recognised as one of the best MPS solutions today. The five top advantages of JetAdvice Manager, as identified by Buyers Lab, are:

  • Saves time and boosts productivity
  • Provides accessibility on a worldwide scale
  • Saves money
  • Allows for truly proactive customer service
  • Automates data collection – keeping customer intrusion to a bare minimum.

The company that sells JetAdvice is EuroForm, specialists in developing cloud-based software for global partners. EuroForm is a Danish company founded in 1993.

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The power of data

“Data is the new oil”, so said British data scientist Clive Humby. Like oil, data needs to be processed to be of any value.

JetAdvice Manager captures all your clients’ critical data and processes it into meaningful, actionable information that will give your MPS business the edge. The reporting system is fully flexible, enabling you to create customised, value-added reports that are relevant to your specific needs. You’ll be able to set new standards in terms of the quality and reliability of your printer fleet management services for clients both big and small.

It’s worth pointing out that as good as remote print fleet management is, you need to be able to efficiently monitor, track and manage the devices in your fleet to get the most out of them. JetAdvice Manager’s Data Collector allows you to do all of this with great precision.  

An advanced print fleet management solution made simple

One thing that dealers and wholesalers particularly love about JetAdvice Manager is that it’s easy to use.

To begin with, JetAdvice Manager can be installed within minutes. All it takes is a phone call. There are relatively few configurations necessary for this product and in next to no time, you’ll be able to see all your customers’ printer fleets and image devices on your dashboard. This will enable you to manage a virtually unlimited number of printer fleets and devices from one remote location.

Following installation, your customers’ printer fleets will soon start reporting back to you on a daily basis. You’ll have critical data on supply levels, pages printed, costs of power consumption, and much more.

For enhanced print fleet management, you can take the extra step of activating the supply automation function. This will ensure your customers receive on-time delivery of printer supplies. Some customers may want this function while others may not. With JetAdvice Manager, you can easily switch automated supply fulfilment on or off, according to your customers’ needs.

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Reduce errors, reduce downtime

JetAdvice Manager has another advantage. It sends real-time alerts when devices are not operating optimally. Steps can then be taken to carry out preventative maintenance, which can translate into big cost savings for your customers. These alerts can even be sent directly to a specific service provider to make sure that maintenance and repairs happen ASAP. 

Full training

JetAdvice Manager is a solution that can be customised to fit the business needs of any MPS provider. It’s a scalable solution, too, and has been designed to adapt to the changing needs of the MPS industry. We provide a full range of training and support to ensure that print fleet managers get the most out of JetAdvice Manager.

So whether you want your own private skin version or your goal is for full integration with your backend systems, we can help you achieve it.

What’s JetAdvice Manager’s business model?

JetAdvice Manager’s business model is budget-friendly. There are no upfront costs and there is a fully-flexible, subscription-based service. You pay as you go with our printer fleet manager.

A secure, global printing software

Our platform has 24/7 support and back-up, enabling us to provide a service that’s 100% reliable all around the globe. High security levels are a top priority, too.

As for communication, we cater to the language demands of our global partners by offering a wide variety of language options.

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Make the switch today

It’s easy to understand why thousands of dealers worldwide choose JetAdvice Manager. This is a printer fleet management solution that gives you total control and complete peace of mind.

If you’re not certain whether JetAdvice Manager is the right print fleet management solution for your MPS business, why not take advantage of our free trial? Contact us today to find out more.

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