Preventive Maintenance

Start by making the right diagnosis

In JetAdvice Manager you get access to both historical and real-time data from every single connected HP device.

When a device reports an error, the data enables your technician to make the right diagnosis before visiting the customer.

We provide technicians with training on demand before visiting a customer to perform a repair.


  • Fewer service visits - first-time fix
  • Save valuable time and reduce labor costs
  • Order and bring the right spare parts
  • Reduce device downtime
  • Technician is prepared and efficient - can fix any error
  • Good customer experience

We call it Preventive Maintenance and as a JetAdvice Manager user you can start exploiting it right away. Check out how to get started by clicking here

There are huge advantages by being able to help your customers remotely. Have a look at some of them right here

Want to get started?

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