Tech: HP Counters in JetAdvice Manager

Recently HP informed EuroForm that the FutureSmart (FS) devices should be using the FS Counters as the standard; replacing the standard page counters from HP that do not apply to FS devices.

JetAdvice Manager will be updating the devices that use FS Counters April 20st. We will expect to have transferred all FS Total counts on FS devices to show as the standard Total counts on April 21st.

The printers will first use the new counters when the JetAdvice data Collector has collected from the printer after the 21st. These counters will be reflected in the billing reports, there might be a slight difference from the change, but it will only be once that this change will affect billing concerns.

Please note:
Only some HP devices use FS counters, some of which require a firmware upgrade where newer devices come with FS as a standard. This will mean that if an FS device is not showing a count it will indicate that the device firmware will need to be upgraded.