Tech: Microsoft Azure and HP SDS update

Upgrades and updates to JetAdvice

There is a lot going on in EuroForm today. This week we will be upgrading Microsoft Azure and continuing implementation of initial HP SDS functionality which is taking a little longer than expected.

Microsoft Azure Upgrade
In the next 3 days, July 3rd to 5th, we are going to be in the process of upgrading our Microsoft Azure cloud service. This means we are implementing new servers with the latest generation of technology to provide even better performance and match our ongoing growth for JetAdvice Manager.
JetAdvice Connect, the solution designed for wholesalers that is taking country by country in EMEA, will benefit from the upgrade.

What does this mean?

  • Your Data will still be available during the upgrade. Microsoft Azure will incrementally update to the newer servers and there will be no impact on data availability for your accounts.
  • Once the upgrade is complete, the JetAdvice Data Receiver server  will get a new IP address. Customers using the IP in their firewall settings will need to update to the new IP address. Customers who use the DNS server name in their firewall will not need to make any changes.

Due to security reasons, the new IP address will not be shared in this email. Please contact for the new updated IP information after the upgrade is complete.

Update: HP SDS
HP SDS is getting closer to being live in the Beta program in JetAdvice Manager. Once the upgrade of Microsoft Azure is completed, it will provide the remote management functionalities to work even better and more securely.

In the first release of HP SDS in JetAdvice Manager, rebooting the device and firmware updating will be the first priority for remote management functionality. We are working to ensure new capabilities are predictable and reliable.