Tech: Update Futuresmart – Firmware is key

See if you have to update your firmware

Recently we have announced that we have updated all HP FutureSmart (FS) printers to use the FS counters, we can see more than 3000 devices in JetAdvice are not updating the mono and color counters. Devices are not updating because the firmware installed on the devices does not support the FS counter, something we mentioned may be a concern.

How to check your HP printers

To help find out if your devices are using supported firmware, we have created a view where you can see if you need to update the firmware or not. The report “FutureSmart counters status” includes Last Collect date and Counter date columns, if the 2 dates are the same it means you have the right firmware, if the Counter date is not the same as the Last Collected date, the firmware will need to be updated to support the FS counters which are the standard for these devices, used for mono and color counters.